How Do Gorillas Spend a Day?

The gorillas are diurnal animals that are mostly active during day that is from dawn to twilight. Many of these times are spent feed as the large amounts of foods are necessarily to keep up for their huge bulk bodies forages. They start looking for food early in the morning and take a short rest around midday and in the afternoon; they get back to foraging till the rest in the night. For the case of the young gorillas they spend most of their times playing.

When it comes to twilight, each gorilla starts building a nest from the surrounding tress branches and leaves which act as their shelter for the night. It is only the young ones that share with their mothers the nest and the rest of the individuals build each for itself. However these nests are not the permanent homes of these gorillas as early in the morning, they depart to move to another place where there is food. They never stay in one place each night they build new nests in different areas.