Gorilla Safari Planning

The paramount safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National park is gorilla trekking safari. When you are trekking the gorillas in this park, the experience will become an unforgettable adventure since you will spend some good time planning for this life time safari in Uganda. You will get amazing views of the mountains, a hike through the beautiful forest. When you encounter these great apes, you will be allowed to spend one hour with them.

You will be required to wake up early in morning then report to the park headquarters for a short briefing. This is park headquarter is managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. You will have to leave your lodge in the morning and go for gorilla tracking expedition. You will be required to be at the station as early as 8:00am. During this time, you will be briefed about the formalities which you will need to follow before starting the activity of gorilla tracking/trekking in the forest. You should not leave your passport behind since you will be required to present this passport to the park warden. Of course the gorilla permit will be indicating the family or group of the gorilla to trek. You will be guided by a professional guide who will be a located to you at the park headquarters during briefing. The guides in the park will take care of all your directions, relaxations and all the stopovers in the park.

Before you commence this activity, you are advised to carry with you a rain gear. This will protect you from the rain. You will also carry comfortable hiking boots, long-sleeved pants and shirt. You should also carry water and food in form of snacks and this must be  packed  lunch for yourself during the gorilla tracking expedition.A good camera is required of you that means that the quality of the photographs you take in the field is good. These photos will be   carried back to your country of origin for memories. Uganda Wildlife Authority does not allow you to take the mountain gorillas back to your country but rather you will be allowed to take photographs which you can take back to your country of origin. Of course, this activity involves climbing hills as you climb  the steep slopes and this therefore means that you should be reasonably be fit. The minimum age for gorilla trekking is 18 years.

It will take one hour to be briefed about the gorilla trekking activity. The time is from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. This means that the trekking activity begins at 9:00am where you will be led by a professional guide through the wilderness. With your guide, you trace your gorilla family which is indicated on your gorilla permit. There are two options to start your trekking expeditions that is whether you start trekking directly from the park headquarters or you are driven to another starting point by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Quite a considerable distance will be moved by you before you finally reach these endangered mountain species. This distance will depend on where the gorillas are and this will only be identified by your guide who will be taking you through this session. Usually, search teams in the forest will be sent out very early in the morning to locate the mountain gorillas.

As you are approaching the mountain gorillas, you will be asked to leave your bag. You will be allowed to bring with you only the necessary things like camera which will be used for photographing after you have requested permission.  You will be allowed to spend one hour with these mountain gorillas. This is because they are very vulnerable to human diseases. Do respect the instructions given to you by your guide to avoid mistakes.