What Happens on the Gorilla Trekking Day?

Literally before even you thing about buying a plane ticket to Uganda for gorilla trekking you should find out the gorilla availability status, yes gorillas trekking is there in Uganda and Rwanda but not available all the time to anyone.

Going for thick the government put a strict rule and number for persons to track gorillas with in a given day not o over crowd them also giving the some space to be in there personal life as wild animals.

Just after getting the availability, money transfers to go ahead to reserve you rime and date is done, gorilla permits are $700 for gorilla trekking and $1500 for gorilla habituation. Under the Uganda wild life authority you will get gorilla permit that you present at the UWA offices in the park

On arrival in Uganda you can choose to drive directly depending on the time or sleep and drive in the morning for about 9-10 hours down in Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga national park.

The gorilla safari briefing is normally held outside, at exactly 7 am in the morning all the person doing a gorilla tracking in that family must have reported to the uwa offices

The purpose here is to get enough briefing before you get out trekking through the tangled Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search of the rare and elusive mountain gorilla. A once-in-a-lifetime experience available only to a privileged few.

Uganda gorilla trekking will not be cancelled not for any reason that that is not valid enough, the others will go on and you will be left with not even a coin in refund.

Gorilla trekking briefing

Here you are advises on the dos and don’ts of the Bwindi forest and the welfare of mountain gorillas. They will be strict to all the rules they have given with even gun men escorting the game rangers, just to know even the rangers are armed.

Tourists should not walk closer than seven meters to the gorillas because they are highly considered to be susceptible to human diseases. This is to ensure your safety while doing the gorilla trekking

Present your passport details and gorilla permit to checked and approved before nay thing else begins, with all the confirmations and briefing done ,tourists are divided into small groups of about 8 members and are assigned to different guerrilla groups. The group number is because small groups are easy to manage and they do not scare the gorillas.

After finding the gorillas, tourists are expected to observe, ask questions, take photos and videos of the animals though eating or drinking and flash photographs are prohibited.

Gorilla trekking can take one to five hours or even more because the trekkers have to figure out where the gorillas have moved to day by day. The trek is relatively hard though tourists in a good body shape and health would enjoy gorilla trekking in Uganda so much.