Luxury Gorilla Safaris in Bwindi Forest

In the whole world Uganda is still one of the best kept natural secret country for Luxury gorilla safaris & exceptional community retreats that not only create memories and moments of a life time but also change the lives of many community members.The country houses stunning waterfalls, deep lakes, concentration of primates, incredible wildlife, landscape and the ancient vibrant culture that impact the present every minute of life.

Tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda the home of 340 gorillas out of the 800 remaining in the all world mainly found in Bwindi forest National Park. The excellent weather year round makes it comfortable for travelers to enjoy their stay in the wilderness jungle. Even if you wanted to explore other parks like Kibale forest-the chimpanzee capital, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls the land of most impressive falls and vast wildlife,Uganda is a best affordable luxury destination for gorillas and luxury safaris daily depending on your choice and ability.

Gorilla Tracking

Don’t miss to track gorillas in Bwindi forest the most populated mountain gorilla park in Africa with affordable gorilla permits at only $600 per a trek. A price for a luxury gorilla safari in Uganda is a cost of one gorilla permit in Rwanda making Uganda simply the best for both budget and luxury gorilla trekking tours. The gorillas are wild unique primates that have close relations with humans but are ready for tracking after habituation. Today Bwindi forest has around ten habituated gorilla families for tourists daily and   all live in the four park sectors of Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo. Once the gorillas are located, you spend a maximum of one hour with them before returning back to your luxury camp

Community Retreats in Bwindi forest

Community retreats are possible even on short gorilla safaris like 3 days because tourists use the afternoon after the trek to extend charity to the park surrounding community. Remember Gorilla trekking & community retreat is activity affordable only for a selected few who have the big heart of conserving gorillas and also giving back to the communities that sacrificed their land for gorilla tourism and conservation. Guests to Bwindi forest can take part in retreat without gorilla permits but tracking gorillas, permits are the gate pass to the jungle forest. Children bellow 15 years can participate in the retreat but not gorilla trekking.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Accommodations

Stay in a luxury gorilla lodge and find out what makes luxury gorilla safaris exceptional and worth. Blending Nature, surrounding and history has perhaps attracted many travelers to luxury lodges and campsites. Imagine sleeping in a comfort zone of a private wilderness lodge or campsite built in the middle of the forest, full of privacy with friends and close neighbors as forest birds and wildlife. Relax in leisure all through as you explore the great jungle Forest of Bwindi National Park. Most incredible luxury lodges for gorilla trekking safaris include, Sanctuary Gorilla forest camp, Mahogany springs, Clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Volcanoes lodge, Buhoma Lodge, Gorilla safari lodge, Ruhija Safari lodge and much more.