Rubuguri Village Walk

Rubugiri Village is an interesting Community found between Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors and is situated within the lower Lands of the verdant and impenetrable Bwindi Forest. The area is a small Village that offers settlement to different people. This means that you can now enjoy an exhilarating cultural encounter in addition to the usual gorilla trekking within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

This village is surrounded by spectacular rolling hills and can be accessed by road. The community members of this Village are known for their warm welcome hence high level of hospitality accorded to the guests. Therefore, the Village walk will lead you to some of the lush swamps and homesteads. You will get the opportunity to meet and interact with the local people, learn and understand about their day to day activities including how they live, farm, rear their animals, what they eat, travel and get to relish a meal with the locals.

When you visit the Rubugiri Village, you will get to engage in craft activities that include basket weaving and many others. You will relish a cultural encounter as you sit with the locals to listen to some of the legends, get entertained in traditional songs and dances that include the invigorating kikiga dance where the dancers jump as if they are light-weighted. These cultural dances are believed to make the ground or earth shake due to the tremendous energy exerted when dancing barefooted. Participants jump high to the rhythm of the joyful songs.

During this interesting cultural encounter, also get the chance to visit the nearby local school that offers the resident children the right to their basic needs including education. St Peters Primary School is one of the local schools within Rubugiri village and offers the children with relatively good education facilities as well as the local people with employment opportunities such as teachers, cooks and cleaners among others.

Besides Rubugiri Village Walk, other interesting cultural or community groups exist around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and these include the Buhoma Community Tours or Mukono Development Association, the Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF), Buniga Forest Nature Walk, Nkuringo Cultural Centre (NCC), Nyundo Community Eco-Trails and the Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) among others.

In conclusion, the Rubugiri Village Walk is one of the interesting cultural encounters within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that allows tourists to walk through numerous swamps, small homesteads to interact with the local residents and learn about their daily activities such as farming, rearing animals and feeding the animals, participate in craft activities such as basket weaving, enjoy invigorating cultural dances as the dances jump high with a lot of ease and then visit the nearby St Peters Primary School to understand how rural children study without electricity and computers.