Travel Checklist

Travelling to Uganda to watch gorillas in their natural habitat is a magical adventure that few people get to experience. You must also get to know the best time of visiting the pearl of Africa.
The first thing you need to consider while packing your bags for a safari to Uganda is how much you are actually allowed to take by your Air travel company. When packing for a visit, you need to pack as little as possible especially if you have to walk to some places while on a safari.

You also must think of the time you will spend on a trip in Uganda and which activities will you be involved in. travel with an upto date passport. The expiry date of your passport has to be at least 6 months after you return from the trip. More so, you need a Ugandan Visa and it is advisable to acquire your visa in your country of origin before you travel. However, you can get visas on entry in Uganda at Entebbe airport. Never forget to record details of your travel documents before you leave. Note credit card numbers, travellers checks and write down procedures and telephone numbers in case of loss.

Make copies of your passport and other personal documents, and package separately. Nominate a family member or a trustworthy person in your home country to assist you should your documents be mislaid. Remember to have your passport, boarding card and other necessary documents to hand. They should be easily accessible when you board your flight.

You must keep all your documents in a safe place at all times. Suitcases are very difficult to move and can be quite heavy. It is advisable that you take limited baggage which you will find easy to carry. If you take a suitcase, you will need some spare backpack which you can use when you go on a safari.

Finally, It is better to take cash if you have US dollars. You can also take travelers cheque but cash is better to avoid disturbances that may occur. Cash can be changed easily at major banks and foreign exchange bureaus.

Checklist for Car Rental

If you are looking to renting a car rental in Uganda, it is important to carry your passport and your domestic driving license. For your information, your home license is valid for 3 months from the time you enter Uganda.