Tracking the Oruzogo Family in Bwindi Forest

Mountain gorilla tracking is with no doubt known as the magical experience incomparable and one of the most rewarding experience in the natural world especially in the Bwindi impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are known as endangered species remained in only three countries including Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, estimates shows that only about 880 mountain gorillas are remained on earth and about 480 of which reside in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park  the most visited Uganda park for gorilla tracking. Bwindi national park has 12 habituated gorilla families which are ready to receive visitors of a daily basis and tracking in one of the gorilla families gives you a chance to meet the endangered mountains deep into the forest.

Tracking in the oruzogo gorilla family guarantee you a chance of sighting. This gorilla family is located in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi national park and other gorilla families in the Ruhija include Bitukura and Kyaguriro (which is the gorilla family dedicated purely for research). You can visits the Oruzogo family from Buhoma or Ruhija, this gorilla family consists of about 25 members including 2 silverbacks however the dominant silver buck is called the Tibirikwata.  It consists of several females, black backs, juvenile and babies. Oruzogo is known as the 2nd habituated gorilla family in the area, being opened for tourism in mid 2011and since then it has experienced growth due to very many birth in the group. It is one of the group families where a set of twins births are recorded in March 2012 and the mother is called Kakoba.

Unforgettable experience tracking in the oruzogo gorilla family

It was a great experience tracking in the oruzogo gorilla family, I booked my Uganda gorilla safari through a tour gent who booked me tracking in this gorilla family, I joined other gorilla trackers to make a group of 8 members allowed to visit per gorilla family. On the day of gorilla tracking I wake up early at 6:00am for preparation and after bathing and breakfast, I was at the headquarters to meet other gorilla trackers for briefing about the all process of gorilla tracking. After we entered the impenetrable forest as its nicknamed, we passed through the thick vegetation and muddy forest because it rained the previous day as well as steep slopes, the ranger guide tied to clear the way using their machetes. The forest covers an area of about (330sqkm) and its home to very many species of birds over 350 bird species occur, and over 120 mammal species are recorded at the park including 10 primates and a staggering 1000 different plant species. We were able to view some of birds, trees and elephants.

After trekking for like three hours, we finally come across the gorillas, our guide alerted us when we were about to meet the gorillas, we followed all the instructions. The guide told us that this is the area where the gorillas slept the previous night. We all studied the area with a new interest and excitement. I noticed eight different impressions in the leaves – nests made by massive creatures and others were on the ground feeding and a female were holding a baby. The guide reminded us to keep a distance of about 7m away from the gorillas. I reached an extend of shouting when the silverback came towards me however, the guide told me to squat down and look submissive, the silver back started moving further away, ignorantly exposing himself the more, it was a magical experience unforgettable. Our guide helped us in getting good position for photography and video shooting. We stayed with the gorillas for only one hour, we were at the starting point by 1pm we received our certificate for participating is the gorilla tracking and our safari guide drove me back to the lodge for lunch. Tracking in Oruzongo gorilla family is a rewarding experience, you too can also have this memorable experience book gorilla safari in Uganda.