Things That May Stop You From Gorilla Trekking

Are you planning to go on a gorilla safari in Uganda? Do you know that there are spm things that can stop you from meeting gorillas in their natural habitat. Some of these are rules that have been set to protect the rare mountain gorillas while others may be issues related with your planning.

In Uganda, Gorilla trekking is the chief tourist activity and meeting Mountain Gorillas is a life time event. The two Uganda Gorilla parks include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.  The two parks are under the regulations of Uganda Wildlife Authority.

UWA set rules and regulations governing gorilla trekking in Uganda and below are factors that can stop you from meeting Gorillas in their natural habitat:

  • Age limit – Persons below the age of 15 year are prohibited from meeting gorillas in their natural habitat. This is because, young person cannot endure the challenges experienced in gorilla trekking.
  • Infectious diseases – To avoid spreading diseases from human to Gorillas, UWA set a rule of not meeting gorillas when you are sick. Infectious diseases like flu, cold, strep throat among others. If you discover that you are sick, please fore go trekking and UWA can refund you money.
  • Long distance walk by the Gorillas – When gorillas move far, trekkers also walk long distances to meet them and the reverse is true. Some people who are not fit enough, find it difficult to walk many kilometers to meet gorillas and thus end on the way.
  • Too much rainfall – When it rains in the morning of gorilla trekking, some guests can give up and return to their respective accommodation.
  • Travel restrictions – your embassy can stop you from travelling to Uganda. Like in the period of COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have been advising their citizens on travels.
  • Lack of gorilla permit – In high season, you can find out that all the gorilla permits are sold out! For that case, it’s wise to book your gorilla permits early in advance (at least 6 months in advance). Be in the help of the local tour operators to book permits on your behalf.
  • Un usual gorilla behaviors say, when they charge, the ranger will advise not to meet them on that particular day.
  • Dangerous vegetation which are characterized by the thorns and scorches can block the trails used by the trekkers.

It should be noted that in Uganda, the possibilities of missing to see gorillas are minimized so, book your gorilla permits in advance to secure your safari.